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 Jon Deutsch - South of Heaven Power Team

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South of Heaven Power

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PostSubject: Jon Deutsch - South of Heaven Power Team   Jon Deutsch - South of Heaven Power Team Icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 1:58 pm

I have been a loyal buyer from APT for a few years now and thought that I would post my log here to let them know of my following and trust in them. Recently I have been posting on thepowerlifting.com, tmuslce.com, & if you want to veiw my past training until today http://southofheavenpowerteam.blogspot.com/. I feel that APT gear has gotten me a long way and just bought another set of knee wraps from them minutes ago.

To date I have:
2 pair Black Mamba 36" wrist wraps
2 pair Black Mamba 3m knee wraps
1 pair 24" Strangulator wrist wraps
1 pair 2.5m Strangulator knee wraps
10mm belt
13mm belt
1 pair knee sleeves
1 pair elbow sleeves
1 Neck Harness
#5 Iron Woody Bands
**I believe there is more, but I can't think of them.**

I have trained recently with, and been getting advise from, some friends at Iron Chamber Gym in Canton Ohio (I live in Canonsburg PA) and have been using their Iron Chamber charts for my bench. They have helped me get my raw bench from 285x1 to 320x1 in about 13 weeks. I have also taken my shirted bench from 390 at a USPF meet in April to 425 at the Iron Chamber meet on June 20th. Thanks to Jeff Begue and Chane Kline I almost hit 450 and will have them help for an upcoming meet in September.

I train drug free using all single ply Titan gear.
Titan F6
Titan NXG legged briefs
Titan Centurion wide stance
Titan Velocity deadlift

I was competing for the USPF until Matt McCase stepped down, but will be doing a non sanctioned meet for him at Works Fitness World in New Martinsville WV.

Past Meet Totals
USPF Parkersburg Novemeber 2008 - 242 Class @ 238bw
(4 for 9)
Squat 480
Bench DQ
Deadlift 523

USPF Pittsburgh February 2009 - 242 Class @ 225bw
(7 for 9)
Squat 462
Bench 335
Deadlift 491
3rd Place - 1288 Total

USPF Works Fitness New Martinsville WV April 2009 - 242 Class @ 223bw
(9 for 9)
Squat 491
Bench 391
Deadlift 523
1st Place - 1405 Total

Iron Chamber Gym Non Sanctioned June 2009 - 242 Class @ 238bw
Bench 425
1st Place - 425 Total

***My goal is to show APT and others that I have what it takes and be recognized very soon within the powerlifting industry.***

In the upcoming meet I am looking for a 1550-1600 total
Squat 610
Bench 455
Deadlift 545
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Jon Deutsch - South of Heaven Power Team
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